Philippa Jones

Philippa has spent over 20 years working as a clinical nurse within the Intensive Care sector of metropolitan South Australia. Embarking on a sea change in 2009 Philippa commenced working in the Organ and Tissue Donation sector firstly as a hospital clinical champion before becoming a donor coordinator in 2010 with Donatelife SA.

Philippa is a regular facilitator of the Introductory Donation Awareness Training (iDAT) workshops and a new facilitator of the practical Family Donation Conversation (pFDC) Workshops which provide education and training to a multitude of health professionals about organ and tissue donation and how best to support families by providing the participants with enhanced skills for effective communication about the opportunity for organ and tissue donation.

We all know that planning, preparation and timing are vital in end of life conversations and Philippa will explore why they are essential in all donation conversations.

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