Gordon S. Lynch

Professor Lynch is the Director of the Centre for Muscle Research at The University of Melbourne. He gained his Ph.D. in Physiology from The University of Melbourne (1992) and completed postdoctoral training with Prof. John A. Faulkner at the Institute of Gerontology at The University of Michigan, U.S.A. (1995-1997) while a NHMRC C.J. Martin Fellow. He was awarded the A.K. McIntyre Medal (1995) from the Australian Physiological Society, an ARC Australian Research Fellowship (1998) and a NHMRC R.D. Wright Fellowship (1998). He was appointed Lecturer in Physiology at The University of Melbourne in 1999, promoted to Professor in 2008 and served as Head of the Department of Physiology from 2011-2016.

He has published more than 190 papers in leading journals and his textbook Sarcopenia is a definitive resource on the mechanisms underlying age-related muscle wasting. His inspirational mentoring has been recognised through multiple national and University awards. He co-Founded Fitness2live (2000-2009), one of the world’s first online health companies developing interactive interventions for cardiometabolic and mental health, sports and wellbeing, later sold to Medibank, Australia’s leading health insurer. He was Research Manager at Medibank Health Solutions from 2009-2015. He has authored over 1000 health monographs and his weekly national broadcast media work on ABC Radio since 2002 has seen him interviewed on more than 800 occasions and featured in newspapers, magazines, TV news/lifestyle shows and Twitter. He won a National Journalism Award (Asthma Council, 2002) and was a Finalist for Australia’s Eureka Prizes for Promoting Understanding of Science (2006) and for Scientific Research (2013). In 2015 he was awarded the Woodward Medal in Science and Technology – the most prestigious award for research excellence at The University of Melbourne.

Gordon is President of the Australian Physiological Society and Scientific Director of the Australian and New Zealand Society for Sarcopenia and Frailty Research.

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