Anastasia Goussios

As a registered psychologist, based in Adelaide, Anastasia’s career spans over three decades. Her professional experience includes, the corporate and forensic arenas, rural and remote communities, private practice and adviser to high stress, trauma exposed organisations.

Anastasia’s fortuitous introduction to the term “compassion fatigue” came whilst preparing a presentation on burnout for a group of health professionals in a remote South Australian town. As Anastasia researched further into compassion fatigue, it became evident that there is an overwhelming cost, both to those who care for others, and to the organisation. Anastasia also discovered that she too was unknowingly suffering from compassion fatigue, and so became mindful of the way she practiced, by including herself in the circle of compassion, along with those whom she supported.

Because she felt so strongly about “the cost of caring” Anastasia established Compassion Fatigue Australia.  Her core business is to raise awareness of compassion fatigue and work collaboratively with organisations to the reduce the risk and encourage a culture of self-compassion.

Compassion Fatigue Australia’s awareness raising programmes are proactive and preventative, taking the form of presentations and workshops, which include a certified Train the Trainer programme.

Anastasia’s principal vision, is to break the silence and stigma associated with compassion fatigue. To this end, she creates space for those on the front line to learn about compassion fatigue, develop strong self-care practices and have courageous conversations, which begin to transform the culture of the team, the organisation and ultimately the wider community.

Anastasia’s message is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

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