Brent Richards

Associate Professor Brent Richards is Medical Director of Innovation and Director of Critical Care research at Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service, and Associate Professor at Griffith and Bond Universities. He was previously director of ICU for 15 years, an executive director of Surgery, and chair of the state Intensive Care network. He helped design and commission the new 50 bed ICU in the Gold Coast University hospital.

Brent’s research interests are wide ranging, both as a foundation member of the ANZICS CTG and numerous commercial multi-centre trials over the last 20 years, as well as interest in how technology and devices can improve patient outcomes. As part of this he has initiated a programme looking at heart rate variability in critically ill patients.

Brent has been involved in Information systems and eHealth projects since the early 1990s, including the Queensland Health Information Strategy and Investment Board, and as the Project Executive for the State Intensive Care Clinical Information System.

Realising the opportunities and responsibilities in the big data sets being created in ICU and other Health areas, in conjunction with University colleagues in biomedical sciences, Engineering and Computer sciences, Brent is working on ways to expand, interrogate and understand these data sets, using predictive analytics and neural networks, for clinical understanding, business KPIs and research opportunities, and ultimately improved patient outcomes.

Additionally he is working in collaboration with the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge precinct building an ecosystem for AI enabled Healthcare, attracting large and small companies, researchers and educators to realise the gains possible with these technologies.

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