Karl Kruszelnicki

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is the man with the answers when it comes to Science and Technology.

The Julius Sumner Miller Fellow at Sydney University, Dr Karl spreads the word about science and its benefits.

With weekly Radio shows in Australia and in the UK on the BBC, regular television appearances, magazine articles and 43 (so far) published books, Dr Karl celebrates all sides of science; from sublime moments of deep thought to the most arcane and bizarre research imaginable. The universe is a strange and wonderful place and Dr Karl has scaled the highest peaks as well as turned over the pebbles to see what's underneath.

In 2002, Dr Karl was honoured with the prestigious Ig Nobel prize awarded by Harvard University in the USA for his ground-breaking research into “Belly Button Lint and why it is almost always blue”.

In 2003 Dr Karl was named ‘Australian Father of the Year’.

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki received the Member of the Order of Australia Award in the 2006 Australia Day Honours list.

His enthusiasm for science is totally infectious and no one is better able to convey the excitement and wonder of it all than Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.



Dr Karl Kruszelnicki appears by arrangement with Saxton Speakers Bureau

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