Learn how to book safely here. UPDATE

Block bookings have been made at select hotels close to the venue. Special rates (GST inclusive) have been negotiated. Room rates do not include breakfast unless otherwise specified. 

Please note the special rates displayed on this website were only guaranteed for Meeting delegates until UPDATE. We apologise if the rates specified are no longer available. 

Making a reservation

Accommodation reservations are now being made on a request basis only. All requests will be subject to availability.

To make a reservation request, you will need to first register your attendance via the registration form, which will include a section for you to request accommodation.

To secure your reservation, payment is required by credit card; either one night’s deposit or the full amount depending on the individual hotel’s policy. To see a list of the terms, conditions and cancellation policies, please click hereUPDATE

Changing your reservation

Please advise The Conference Company of any change to a reservation rather than contacting the hotel direct. 
Australian Freephone: 1800 193405
Telephone (NZ): + 64 9 360 1240

Cancelling your reservation

If you cancel your accommodation booking prior to UPDATE your accommodation deposit will be refunded in full. After that date, refunds may be subject to cancellation charges levied by the hotel. 

Early Access

If you have an early morning arrival and require an early check-in, you will need to reserve your room for the previous night